The Mosel river. The steep banks of this ancient river produce a unique style of wine that is found nowhere else in the world. Crisp, refreshing and elegant are terms that best describe wines made from the Riesling grape that are grown along this river. Our Fish Label Mosel Riesling originates from the dramatic slopes of the famous Longuicher Herrenberg vineyard, just a short distance downstream from the ancient Roman city Trier. We have worked closely with the venerable Schmitt-Wagner Wine Estate to bring you a classic Mosel Riesling whose distinctive character comes from the river that gives it its name.

This crisp, elegant wine with a touch of ripe fruit sweetness is made entirely from Riesling, possibly the finest white grape in the world. Riesling in the traditional, slightly sweet style is a nice complement to our original Bird Label which is produced in a modern, drier style.

Enjoy as an aperitif, with a meal, or just on its own, the perfect wine to share with friends. Serve this wine slightly chilled, but not too cold, let the flavours speak for themselves.

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